4312 N. Marlborough Drive
Shorewood, WI 53211

Phone: (414) 962-8589

Spouse: Al
Children: 3
Grandchildren: 4
Occupation: Retired teacher

Your graduation in 1957 to begin a new life in college or a job was also my transition to a new life too: homemaking and motherhood! What fun it was for Al and me to start our family. First came Kathy, then Sallie, and finally Jim. When the time came for Kathy to start kindergarten, we moved to Shorewood so that our children would be like the students I enjoyed during those few years at SHS teaching sophomore and senior English.

Even as I plunged into the PTA stuff like chairing the Lake Bluff School Beautification masterplan, the 50 th anniversary celebration of the school, and all the other things I saw your parents involved in—and learned from them--I missed teaching. Teaching evening classes at Milwaukee Area Technical College filled the void until I finished my master’s degree in communication and went full-time. During all the children’s school years including college, we traveled with them, throughout Europe and the United States in what I called “Introduction to the World 10l.” I had the best of two worlds: both a family and a job I loved.

It’s been a wonderful life even though we lost Kathy at the age of 16 in a freak accident. Al is now in a nursing home but doing well despite his Parkinson’s disability. Sallie and Jim turned out like the kids I knew back in 1957 and we are proud of Sallie and Mark’s Julia, 10, as well as Jim and Jenny’s Megan, 10, Jack, 7, and Kate, 4. I’ve been busy with gardening and was happy to have our garden be part of Shorewood’s “Ten Gardens Tour” this past July.

The picture was taken at my “Diamond Jubilee” birthday party three years ago. It was a happy time that I want to share with you. Now I will look forward to another happy time to share your “Golden Jubilee!”

Top row: Jenny and Jim; Mark and Sallie Boge

Middle row: Al and Phyllis Scharner with Kate Scharner

Bottom row: Jack and Megan Scharner and Julia Boge